Friday, 29 April 2011

Some highlights from todays wedding coverage

For those princesses out there, here are some bridal moments so you too can indulge in every gurl's special day.
I am sure you know what to do but for those who don't, set aside some 'me' time and sit down in your finest bridal splendor, click on the links below and pay homage to your curator, your host, your very own Mr Hugo Black.
Bride moment seven (Get passed the ads at the begining)


  1. Oh Mister Black, Sir,

    these movies are so very wonderful that i'd love to marry 'my' Mistress again and again...! And maybe W/we should invite some well equipped Men from O/our wedding party to stay for the whole bridal night...? i think They should be pretty pleased to see the two of U/us wearing O/our bridal lingerie, shouldn't They?

    * Curtsey *

    Your devoted sissy moan

  2. Miss Moan I am so glad I was able to offer so much inspiration to you.