Saturday, 2 April 2011

Mr Blacks Falsies 2

Mr Black's Falsies come in three sizes to convert you from sissy bois to pert gurl, full gurl or ample gurl.
Developed with organically farmed silicon these perfectly weighted breast forms use new limpet secretion to attach naturally to your chest. 
The breast are filled with organic silicon and are contained in an intelligent silica bio membrane that adjusts to your own bodies temperature, the longer it is attached to your chest the more the symbiotic nerve coating will respond to your own physicality and touch. 
Now shipping with the new hyper sensitive nipple that locks directly through to your own nipple. This can be preset to ambient touch, erogenous response or super sensitive all of which will cause the new nipple to react with an intense  pertening in the correct conditions.
Positioning and attachment is easy and within seconds you will feel the forms suck onto your own skin using the cleanly applied Limpet secretion.  
PLEASE BE AWARE if you leave them on for more than three hours this attachment will become permanent.

Mr Black has prepared this in Ample size so do double click on it and down load.

He suggests you print it out and post it above your bed to influence your dreams.

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