Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mr Black's Bedtime Story - Party Gurl

I often sit on the new gurl's beds and to help them adjust to life at BlackLands tell them bed time stories as they fall asleep - The story of Lucy the party gurl is a favorite and I have recounted it below.
The first time I dared to go out and indulge my guilty pleasure was one I had planned for months. It was the pleasure of my alter ego Lucy. Lucy was my gurlie gurl and she was positively bursting to get out. The Halloween bash at the halls of residence was a notorious and boozy event that freshmen like myself with only a month or so at college under our belt looked forward to. The other students planned there outfits and I planned mine. And so did Lucy.

I was sure I could go down to the party in one outfit be noticed and then as the party hotted up and the others got drunk and I became a little fortified with alcohol too I could slip up to the bathroom where Lucy was hidden and change, totter down the stairs have a dance and slip back upstairs. No one would ever be the wiser and maybe tomorrow the others might mention the cool cinderella gurl that appeared and disappeared. 
Oh thats all Lucy needs for her first outing.
The drone of the party dulled as I pushed the bathroom door closed and eagerly shed my male party clothes and being practiced in the art of Lucy had slipped into the normal silky flimsy that she so enjoyed. Wigged, made up and in my kitten heels I tottered slightly as I examined myself in the bathroom mirror, partly drunk, partly scared and completely excited as Lucy smiled back at me. "Two minutes of dancing, turn their heads and then get out before we am rumbled, OK Lucy?" She smiled back to me and Nodded.

Brian was meant to be Hugh Heffner, but looked nothing like him, but one thing he was ... was drunk! Lucy and I jumped as he staggered through the door the blast of the party subsided as he closed it behind himself and turning round caught full sight of Lucy bending pertly over the hand basin a look of shock on her face as she stared back at him in the mirror.
"I'm Hugh Heffner and I can make you a bunny" he slurred. Lucy whirled round and adopted the most gurly stance she could in her tipsy state. She didn't speak just smiled.

"All you have to do is sign a contract, here use my pen" and with that the oblivious Brian pulled out his stiffening cock from the silk pajama trousers and wagged it at Lucy.
Ok this was way more than Lucy had bargained for on this her first public appearance. But Brian was drunk and she wondered how much she could get away with?

"Stockings!" he drooled and immediately he slid his hand up and down Lucy's sheer legs.
A sensation that she had not expect to so readily respond to and unexpectedly found herself oddly compliant as Brian pushed her back onto the vanity unit, parted her legs and stood firmly between her knees, his now firm cock not only pointing out through his pajamas but seemed to be pointing up her sheer thighs to Lucy's flimsily clad secret.

Brazenly in attempt to avoid discovery Lucy managed to slide off the vanity unit  and sinking to her knees to avoid Brian's drunken clutches found herself staring straight at Hugh Heffners pen! and as Brian steadied himself Lucy found herself reaching out and delicately taking it between her fingers.
What possessed her to touch it she had no idea and what possessed her to do what she did next, shocked her to her fevered core??? Slowly she leant forward and ran her tongue over the smooth and surprisingly hot head of Brian's cock. He Moaned. She licked again and then closing her eyes, closed her mouth over the excited head
"OK Bunny I take that as a yes" He slurred and with surprising dexterity for a drunk, lifted her upright, bent her over the sink and pulling up her dress hem said. "OK Bunny show Hugh your little fluffy tail" His fingers fumbled between her legs suddenly hooking the gusset of her flimsy little pants and tugged them aside. 
She froze. Her heart pounded. This was not what she had wanted for Lucy, Lucy was just a sweet and private indulgence, not a public liability, but Lucy was starting to assert herself, she was taking over. Brian's cock still wet from Lucy's kisses stabbed blindly into the space between her arse cheeks looking for her fluffy tail and it was a different tail it was in danger of finding too.

Lucy fearing discovery played a simple but audacious move, she pushed back and Brian sensing he had found what he was fumbling for pushed forward to meet her.
Lucy yelped and Brian sneered "Yeah squeal bunny" and in one forceful move pushed his cock abruptly into her virginal gurly pussy. She yelped again and in shock fell forward onto the floor and with her gurly muscles firmly clamping Brian's cock inside her dragged him down ontop of her.

"Your a tight little bunny aren't you" he slurred and trying to regain his balance attempted to make like a rabbit. Lucy didn't move and as she panicked about losing her wig, exposing her little furry tail, being recognized, being outed, etc she suddenly realized how drunk Brian was and slowly these nightmares faded as the real reality dawned on her, as she realized she was prone and exposed, arse in the air, gusset yanked aside, Brian's cock thrusting amateurishly around in her and it was not totally unpleasant, in fact she felt surprisingly fulfilled and a deep wanton desire was stirring in her. She was no longer a gurl she was a woman and discovering she was obviously a slutty one that really enjoyed being fucked.  Away from Brian's detection her gurly clitty was achingly rock hard and tightly constrained in the front of her pants. Lucy was enjoying this.
Unfortunately Brian was not. Well Brain was not anything and slumped off Lucy onto the bathroom floor, his eyes glazing over as he finally succumbed to the alcohol. There he lay on his back a disheveled wannabe Hugh Heffner his cock standing proud and unrequited, all he had wanted was to bag a bunny.
But it was the Bunny that was going to bag him.

Lucy climbed onto the still hard body of Brian and now pulling that silky gusset of her pants aside herself slowly impaled herself on the head of his cock and then gently sat down burying his shaft in her wanton hole. This time she did not yelp, she moaned. Slowly she eased herself up sliding up the full length of the cock until she could feel the head locking into her tight pussy lips and then she slid down again. And moaned. And so did Brian in his alcoholic faze.
She started to perfect a rocking motion that enabled her to slide up and down the hard cock with ease and a surprising amount of enjoyment. Brian lay there eyes glazed and closed and softly moaned blindly in rhythm with her rocking motion. She herself starting to rock harder and faster, her gurly pussy throbbed with an intensity that felt like it would turn inside out, her clitty buzzed harder than she ever remembered and her nipples ached to be hurt. Brian started to screw his face up,  drunkenly he grabbed her legs and griping them tightly pushed them more open and bucked his hips up into her.

The hot gushing sensation she could feel deep inside her took her breath away, she could feel every spasm the cock uttered and every sperm it spat out, she could not believe the detail she could feel and then it hit her. Her own natural response exploded through her body, she seemed to be experiencing an orgasm from behind that rocked quivering with a sysmic shift deep in her gurly pussy, her legs crumpled as the waves of delightful agony flooding through her body obviously intent on looking for a window to erupt through and it was heading for her clitty. She sat back and gasped  as she impaled the cock all the way up to the balls and with her free hand scrabbled at the front of her dress, tore at her pants exposing her clitty just in time as a veritable tsunami exploded out of the tiny opening in the swollen throbing end with an urgency that sent it arcing again and again across the face and body of the unconscious boy beneath her. Her eyes glazed over and her head throbbed.

Slowly she realized the throbbing in her head was the party music. Lucy slid of the cock and stood up. 

She looked down at Brian his face, a mask of her spunk. She adjusted her pants, the gusset was wet and she could feel the hot cum burning inside her, between her cheeks was sticky and she wiped the end of her clitty pushed it into her silky pants, brushed down her dress and raising her fingers to her hot flushed lips licked the sticky residue. 
"Mmmmm" and she whispered
"Lucy wants more"

Dedicated to Lucy, she know who she is.

Thank you to for the use of thier images to illustrate the story. Click on thier name to visit them.


  1. We need to meet. You are amazing!

  2. Thought you might like this Lucy. Better than a school disco - (wink) - x