Monday, 4 April 2011

Miss Tabitha Jones

Many of you have been following with baited breath the Challenge of Miss Jones as she navigates the final stages of accreditation by Mr Black for the coveted position as his PA.

Well I am pleased to announce that she has passed the preliminary stages and while she still has to show immense professionalism, willingness and compliance over the next three months of her trial period, I am very proud to present to you Mr Hugo Black's new PA - Miss Tabitha Jones 

I would just like to thank all the other candidates who showed willing and desire and hope they will continue to devote such continued dedication


  1. Well done Tabby. A deserving winner and so naturally beautiful!

  2. Yvonne it is early days yet and Miss Jones has to complete her 3 month trial period.

    Things are going quite well, but not without the odd miss-hap. I am sure she will rise to the occasion soon.

  3. Tabby, your the best gurl for the job, mwah

  4. ... yes!

    my congratulations Tabby - you are really adorable!!!

    sissy moan