Monday, 25 April 2011

Miss Jones is on assignment.

Miss Jones is on assignment currently and will be back servicing Mr Blacks requirements shortly. 

But always being one to involve his most loyal and trusted fans in the machinations of his life,  Mr Black would like to welcome you to be a part of it and suggest what he should do with the young Tabitha when she returns?
He is welcoming suggestions that you feel he should inflict on her.

A secretarial task?
A recreational adventure?
A dedicated Black moment?
A celluloid creation
Or should Mr Black show a more romantic moment of appreciation?

Please drop your suggestions to Mr Black


  1. Hello Mr. Black, Sir
    if I may, I would suggest a secretarial task. I totally love beautiful dressed secretaries. giggle, excuse me.

    thank you

    xxx martin

  2. Thank you Martin - I agree a little more exposure of Miss Jones's short hand, and images of her taking things down would be a bonus. I will see what I can do.

  3. A romantic moment for sure. With her recent revelations, she is very vulnerable right now. She needs kindness and security that only you can give her.

  4. Romantic Sir. She is such a girl in need of this and you could help her feel so much more confident in herself.