Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Posh Gurls

Many of you have been asking me to share my private portfolios. Well after much consideration I have relinquished and am in the process of publishing a set of limited editions that you can procure from Mr Black with your favors.

While some are graduates from the BlackLands Academy for Young Nymphets and some are just wayward gurls that have intrigued and accosted Mr Black, you will find that all have received the honor of momentarily being Mr Blacks muse and are fully accredited therefor as being Posh Nymphets
'Mr Black's Posh Gurls'
If you want to put your name down for one do drop me a line.


  1. Oh, how I would love to be one of your posh gurls. I am so jealous of them, they are so pretty.

  2. love high heels, minis, thongs, sweetie
    mOOre bOObs honey
    portfolio creative ,
    i can´t take my eyes of this, OMG

  3. God I wish I could look half as good as any of those girls. I would serve any man who could do that for me in any way he wanted.

  4. Oh Sir, Your gurls of so beautiful. I'm a jealous sissy.

    Sissy Sally-Ann

  5. These books look absolutely beautiful, probably the most beautiful gurls I have ever seen and would love to see inside. Where can these be purchased?

  6. Oh wow !!! Your photos are amazing !! How i would love love looooove to have been able to be turned into a beautiful nymphette by you !!!

  7. Dear Mr. Black,
    You are an amazing asset to a developing gurl. Thank You for being here for us.
    i Love You,

  8. oh how lovely it would be if i could be one of your sissy gurls

  9. I put myself forward for consideration. x

  10. This is a lovely blog Mr Black it is so good of You to provise such a resource, I would love to be considered as one of your gurls. x

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