Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Jiggle Tested Gurly Poise

How do you manage to produce such pert gurls in such a short time from your Blacklands Academy for Nymphets?

Well here is the little secret to the Nymphets pert gurly poise a marvelous invention by the ever resourceful and ingenious Mr Black. Semi permanent Falsies that respond to your own bodies temperature and can provide hours of 'jiggliciouse' fun.

Mr Black's Proximity

Up close and personal is something that allot of you gurls request, but Mr Black has to be so careful, he is a potent blend and many of you gurls find it hard to maintain any sense of decorum.

Mr Black's Challenge

Miss Jones has agreed to rise to Mr Blacks Challenge, we shall look forward to her commitment, wont we readers.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Look into my eyes not around my eyes .......

Hypno therapy is something we have used allot of and to great effect at BlackLands. Here is a potent little number that Isabella from Michigan has brought to my attention. A bedtime accompaniment to that silky babydoll as you drift off to sleep. 

Monday, 21 March 2011

Cop That

I know how you gurls love a bit of retro cheek, so I have prepared a small distraction for you. There are many imitators and poor emulators out there but Mr Black is still your humble original. 

I have prepped this in extra large size so do click on it and down load as a screen saver, just to remind you that I am thinking about you. Have you notice they are always carrying celery in their basket

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Posh Gurls

Many of you have been asking me to share my private portfolios. Well after much consideration I have relinquished and am in the process of publishing a set of limited editions that you can procure from Mr Black with your favors.

While some are graduates from the BlackLands Academy for Young Nymphets and some are just wayward gurls that have intrigued and accosted Mr Black, you will find that all have received the honor of momentarily being Mr Blacks muse and are fully accredited therefor as being Posh Nymphets
'Mr Black's Posh Gurls'
If you want to put your name down for one do drop me a line.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

SPANK 9 - Spank Spunk Pulp

SPANK 8 - Who's The Daddy???

So this afternoon Mr Black press ganged young Lucy into recreating the 'Who's your daddy' ceremony to illustrate this lesson for you.  
I know what you are thinking but no. Mr Black was behind the camera, that is David, one of Mr Blacks gardeners who scrubbed up especially for the shoot.

SPANK 7 - The Daddy Moment

It is perfectly within the grooms rights on the wedding night to revisit the Daddy spanking ceremony if he feels his young Nymphet Bride is showing signs of disrespect. After all a gurl should show total submission and obedience to her Daddy.

You will know when she reaches this state by her serene post spank glow, generally known as the Daddy Moment.

SPANK 6 - Assuming the pose

It is important that the Nymphet knows how to assume the position and how respectful she must be of this old venerable tradition, after all it is for her own good.

SPANK 5 - Spanking the Tranny Bride 2

Having a good pre matrimonial spank is essential

SPANK 4 - Spanking the Tranny Bride 1

A sound spanking will help to establish Who the new Daddy is and remind the new Nymphet bride that she now belongs to Daddy!