Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Veil, veil, veil

Many of you underestimete the importance of this item (I notice it received the least votes). It adds coyness, demure qualities, a sense of discovery and above all it presents you with a soft focus blush.

You should treat it as the intrinsic and defining item in your bridal ensemble, your crowning glory, that symbol of your purity. For without this you are just a gurl in a big candyfloss dress. With this you are the virginal princes that will enamour your betrothol with the stout and firm resolution that will have you squealing with delight.

Mr Black does favour the traditional couple of meters of fine organsa trimed with satin or lace - See (above). But that is not to say the more modern snood or net veil does not have its place, it can look equally fetching casting that demure come hither quality on your delicate gurlie features - (see below)

The important thing to remeber is that it never comes off. Like your white stockings and your delicate shoes it is a part of the perfect triptitch that you should imagine are glued to your body and no matter how things may heat up, get physical, passionate, they must never be romoved.

I will try to get back to you soon and not leave you panting with anticipation as I have done. But do forgive Mr Black he is a very busy chap as you can imagine - x

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