Friday, 4 February 2011

Bridal Lingerie, lingerie, lingerie - 3 Panties

Well this delicate item of flimsy is the corner stone of your ensemble and while as a rule all of these under garments should match, on occasion this one item may deviate from the suspenders and bra if it is to incorporate a very special design feature. 

But on the whole I am sure you will agree a plain pair of white satin slinky panties peeping out from under a frilly hem will not only make your pussies shimmer and your pertness quiver, it will engender the requisite lustful inspiration in your betrothed that will drive him to consummate this day with a vigour and boldness that will make this day so very, very special.

A witty little design feature like this could be a reason for you to deviate from a matching set

This cheeky little design is called the HoneyMoon and is another point at which you may deviate from a matching set.

But remember my little gurls there are many a slip that can befall a a bride in all that heady excitement of that special day, the kind of little slip that would make her glad she was wearing her Bridget Jones white satin knickers rather than some flimsy string that does little to cover ones modesty let alone your pertness as you will see below. And to that end I have added my recommendation, you really have to go a long way to beat the marvelous Birch Place designs (see below at the bottom).

Mr Black's recommendation is the Sissy Store at Birch Place and their designer virginal sissy pant. 
Click here to be transported to their Aladdin's cave boutique of slinky delights.


  1. Oh Mister Black, Sir,

    this little sissy would love to model the HoneyMoon Set for You. And maybe a lucky incident might help her to be a little more revealing...?

    * curtsey *

    At Your service Sir,
    sissy moan

  2. Please could I wear a pair of "Bridesmaid" panties? I'd take an extra pair, and my task would be to make sure the best man ended up wearing them.

    Pretty please,

    Didi Willis

  3. oh my...i'd love to someday wear "The Mrs" lovely


  4. I am sure you are the perfect mrs already my dear