Friday, 4 February 2011

Bridal Lingerie, lingerie, lingerie - 1

Mr Black is a traditionalist and for him nothing beats a good old fashioned 3 piece set of pure fresh white satin finished lingerie nestling beneath acres of demure virginal frothy frills.
But as a traditionalist he is still open to some embellishment and couture views on this bridal subject and will share them with you in this silkey section to his Spring Bridal home school project for you gurls. 
But a few things are sacrosanct and you gurlies should know there are a few cardinal rules that you should never break and a flaunting or impish challenge to these rules will result in a refusal of consumation and expultion.
Mr Black has prepared this picture especially for you in an extra large format so you can print it out and put it on your wall as an aid memoir, the ideal, your point of worship, your target to aim for over these coming weeks.CLICK on it to down load in all its glory
Rule 1: WHITE! Never any colour apart from the most pure virginal white. Yes that means no cream or champagne (these should only be licked or sipped) these are colours for MILFS and old ladies and together that is not what we are creating is it gurls.
Rule 2: No tights. This is a heniouse sin and any gurl caught wearing such a hideouse garment will be expelled from the academies program. Real gurls and eventually Nymphets understand the importance of their stockings.
Rule 3: Lingery does not come off. It is an intrisic part of your body and like the veil or your shoes, it is not removed within 24 hours of your vows of obedience and betrothal. Panties can be tugged asside, breasts and nipples may be teased out of silky or lacey cups but that is all.

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