Saturday, 22 January 2011

Make me a good bride please

I was thinking. so much to impart I don't know where to start. Then I thought well why don't you gurls put your little heads together and then you tell me. So to that end I have added a poll device on the right there so you can all tell me exactly what you would like to learn next.

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  1. Mr Black, such a lovely idea and so thoughtful to ask us gurls to suggest what wisdom you would impart to us next. Of course I saw as I expected, most of the others picked underwear (a proper sissy girl says lingerie) first, I picked shoes,as I thought it the foundation of what a girl would wear, and loving to be teased i wanted to save the lingerie a little and start a little slower, after all i am a girlie gurl and love anticipation. But, i look forward to your next message.
    BTW love how this gurl looks and hur pose so feminine, sweet, submissive and demure yet desiring for naughtiness and pleasure, like i try to be. How i would love to be in hur place waiting for my Groom and Master to lead me to the bedroom and take his pleasure giving me mine in the process.
    submissively sissy nikki

    26 January 2011 08:04