Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The dress, the dress, the dress

That oh so important item, that without which no wedding is complete - the dress.

It is so important for you gurls to choose the right one, think about length, flared, slinky, tight in the right places, etc. But what ever you choose it must have acres of lace and organza, a veritable snow storm of soft delicate frills. 

You can be a little daring and modern with an above the knee length which is so revealingly charming when you bend over to take your vows in front of the congregation, or go for the traditional full length and enjoy the rustling delight of a veritable wave of petticoats tantalising your legs.

I have attached below a little mood board of examples to get you in ... well the mood, a cornucopia of styles that are acceptable if you want to meet the very high standards of Mr Black.

So your first step over the weeks is to ascertain your measurements and if you are a little overweight from the Christmas festivities it is time to sort it out (diet and exercise). Nobody wants a flabby bride, only trim, pert and streamlined candidates please. Now start to shop around, check out Ebay for some great offers on used or second hand, have a look through the many fancy dress online stores. If you are after the ultimate look try the BirchPlace store for the finest bridal range especially prepared for naughty gurls just like you.

I do hope my little mood boards below get you in the mood - Mr Hugo Black x

Over the weeks to come I will be instructing you in all those so very important elements that will make you a proud, blushing and gushing bride. Shoes, Make-up, lingerie, hair, behaviour and last but not least how to behave, perform and ultimately enjoy ones wedding night.

Do remember to leave me a comment or email me for that more intimate and personal touch.


  1. I do think the shorter style would suit me best as long as I can remember not to bend over in front of the pastor at any point.
    I love your mood board, you give a girl so much choice! I'm still trying to choose between thongs or short style panties for the happy day!

  2. Hello Mr Black, thank you so much for the lovely examples and your thoughts on the perfect and most feminine sissy bridal dresses and attire, i as a life long submissive feminine sissy girlie gurl love them all and would be thrilled to be encased in them feeling the light swishy fabrics caress and slide across my satiny under garments and silken stockings or pantyhose would be the ultimate in sissy sensory over-load and would have me shivering and tingling all over my mind in a sissy pink fog!!
    For myself as a prissy girlie gurl i prefer the shorter flouncy bouncy leg and panty peeking styles, of soft light organza's and shiny tight satins flaring out a top a mass of frothy lacy short petticoats that would be caught in a breeze to billow and swish around my long stockinged legs and threaten a flash of stocking tops and frilly shiny satin panties!! Oh my heart flutters so! My favorites of all though of course are the lovely sissy prissy fashions the Birchplace stores the
    i spend many hours viewing their pages of perfect sissy feminine attire and accessories dreaming i had a Master or Daddy that would dress me in so many of their lovely things to wear for him and excite him and me as his ultra feminized prissy sissy play dolly!! i would be a very good submissive and obedient sissy bride and plaything!!
    Oh if only i could have been found by a nice firm guiding hand when i was a younger sissy or have been in my late teens or early twenties now and understood what i was and that there were people who would appreciate me for what i really am inside. Too bad we live so far apart!
    sissy nikki

  3. Kitten and Victoria thank you so much for your titilating words. I am indeed flattered that you are enjoying this entry so much. I will post some more inspirational yet directivly firm guides to some of the key bridal elements soon. Such as underwear, shoes, make-up, the veil, honeymoon behavior, etc

    Do check back soon - Hugo black

  4. Thank You Mr Black for your answer to my comment, i look forward to your next installment of wisdom in sissy bride development.
    sissy nikki