Monday, 3 January 2011

Blacklands Home Study Bride Project - 1

This time of year every gurl naturally starts to think about that big day where she will slip into that extra special white frock for that extra special man. Too that end Mr Black is looking for that extra special bride. Could it be you?

So many of you have been requesting to go to BlackLands, Mr Black's private academy for fine young gurls but alas it is booked terms in advance. However I have decided to start a project course for you to study at home.

"Oh I can hear the squeals of excitement"

So your project for the spring semester is a task in obedience and loyalty, a task that will stretch the realms of your sensual feminine nature. 

You must plan your big day, get in shape, trimmed, primed and sheer, plan and acquire your outfit and capture that sensual image of virginal purity.

Over the next few days and weeks Mr Black will be offering you guidance and tips on how to achieve that perfect desirable and delightful virginal quality.