Saturday, 22 January 2011

Make me a good bride please

I was thinking. so much to impart I don't know where to start. Then I thought well why don't you gurls put your little heads together and then you tell me. So to that end I have added a poll device on the right there so you can all tell me exactly what you would like to learn next.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pure and wicked

Mr Black I want that bridal dress

A little Bridal treat for you virginal aspiring bridal gurls.

Brides, Brides, Brides

They are quoting Mr Black in the current issue.

The dress, the dress, the dress

That oh so important item, that without which no wedding is complete - the dress.

It is so important for you gurls to choose the right one, think about length, flared, slinky, tight in the right places, etc. But what ever you choose it must have acres of lace and organza, a veritable snow storm of soft delicate frills. 

You can be a little daring and modern with an above the knee length which is so revealingly charming when you bend over to take your vows in front of the congregation, or go for the traditional full length and enjoy the rustling delight of a veritable wave of petticoats tantalising your legs.

I have attached below a little mood board of examples to get you in ... well the mood, a cornucopia of styles that are acceptable if you want to meet the very high standards of Mr Black.

So your first step over the weeks is to ascertain your measurements and if you are a little overweight from the Christmas festivities it is time to sort it out (diet and exercise). Nobody wants a flabby bride, only trim, pert and streamlined candidates please. Now start to shop around, check out Ebay for some great offers on used or second hand, have a look through the many fancy dress online stores. If you are after the ultimate look try the BirchPlace store for the finest bridal range especially prepared for naughty gurls just like you.

I do hope my little mood boards below get you in the mood - Mr Hugo Black x

Over the weeks to come I will be instructing you in all those so very important elements that will make you a proud, blushing and gushing bride. Shoes, Make-up, lingerie, hair, behaviour and last but not least how to behave, perform and ultimately enjoy ones wedding night.

Do remember to leave me a comment or email me for that more intimate and personal touch.

Weddings, weddings, weddings!

Its that special time at the beginning of a new year that a gurls mind turns to planning that very special day - The Wedding.
And with that in mind your host is here to help and advise you through all the stress and preparation. Your own personal wedding planner.

Naturally there is a forfeit. I expect total dedication, obedience and a snap shot of the happy moment.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Blacklands Home Study Bride Project - 1

This time of year every gurl naturally starts to think about that big day where she will slip into that extra special white frock for that extra special man. Too that end Mr Black is looking for that extra special bride. Could it be you?

So many of you have been requesting to go to BlackLands, Mr Black's private academy for fine young gurls but alas it is booked terms in advance. However I have decided to start a project course for you to study at home.

"Oh I can hear the squeals of excitement"

So your project for the spring semester is a task in obedience and loyalty, a task that will stretch the realms of your sensual feminine nature. 

You must plan your big day, get in shape, trimmed, primed and sheer, plan and acquire your outfit and capture that sensual image of virginal purity.

Over the next few days and weeks Mr Black will be offering you guidance and tips on how to achieve that perfect desirable and delightful virginal quality.