Monday, 19 December 2011

Give me some training pleeeese Mr Black

Expressing ones creativity is always at the core of our schooling at BlackLands and I always encourage the gurls to explore their creative gurlie urges. To that end Mr Black has set all you home study gurls your run up to Christmas assignment. Entitled: 'Dreaming of a white Christmas' a two part project
1/ In no more than 500 - Mr Black is Santa and my Christmas letter to him begins 'Dreaming of a white Christmas' - Discuss
2/ Print out the attached on an A4 and colour in while reciting the mantra 'I must be the best gurl I can be'

Send both parts to as usual the A star students will be published here on the web site.

Why Mr Black did not go to TG!

Many of you are aware that Mr Black is a man of distinct taste and enjoys many of the benefits that come with running BlackLands Academy for Nymphets, one of those is his corner table at TG (Torture Garden) Normally Miss Jones would accompany me but she had a cold and so thought why not do a Henry Higgins and show off two of the brightest pupils, but obviously they were not quite ready. I understand the phrase is 'all kicked off' an awful din erupted about who would be the maid of honour, who would sit where etc. Matron had trouble reigning them in. Well needless to say I spent all night in a frightful bad mood disciplining them harshly. I do enjoy my TG, so if you are going or are there do say high and enjoy a gin with the normally good natured Mr Black.

Mandy planning to be the TG maid of honour

Cindy got the dress first

As they say 'it all kicked off'

Matron had to reign in the hi jinx
Cindy on remand now

"How dare you disturb Mr Blacks plans'

'Off to Mr Black's office NOW! he will not be pleased and I would not want to be your bottoms in the morning'

HEALTH WARNING Mr Black is infectiouse

Some say he has Mojo, some say it is his HooDooVooDoo, others say he plants subliminal messages in his postings, while others cast assertions on his methods. But we do know he is always a gentleman when it comes to the gurls and they appreciate this. The ever so pretty Christina has just dropped me a note that has made this whole year so worth while.
'Before I met you and your wonderful site, I was completely contempt with just looking like a beautiful girl and I never thought about what my purpose was or what my intentions were and you changed all that! Since I met you and since I started reading your blog, a growing desire inside of me to become a better girl has been unfolding and I find myself thinking more and more about pleasing men......I have never had these feelings before Mr Black, but now they are inside my head all the time! I want to learn to be the best girl I can be and I want to learn how to properly satisfy a man and I wish it could be you wonderful sexy Mr Black! I wish I could be your little party girl Mr Black!'
Am I corrupting or inspiring? I leave that for you to decide, but I will post a HEATH WARNING on the site suggesting that too much Mr Black could promote independent and infectious gurlie thoughts that could have a profound effect on your life!
Potentially Miss Christina and M r Black could be coming to a party near you soon.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Saturday, 10 December 2011

New PPP pill dispencer

FREE with your first months order


Can PPP's help you?

W A R N I N G 
This product contains 'Bimbo Pheramones' and can result in a reaction in men around you.

There is a very real danger that long term usage can eradicate masculinity and the effects can be permanent. 

Be aware you will develop sensitive breast tissue and experience a tightening and inflammation of the nipple area. 

Some users can experience 'Cherub Penis' a significant reduction in both girth and length.

These are not for recreation.

Mr Black introduces PPP's

Well I have been very busy and we are now ready for volunteers to try my new PPP Pills. Pretty, Pert and Perky, that's what we call them and that's what they do. They make you the best gurl you can be, exceptionally pretty, very very pert and achingly perky, just like a real gurl

Feel really gurly deep down and watch the reaction you get from those around you. 
Warning this product contains a high level of 'BIMBO' pheromones there is a very real danger of becoming a Man Magnet if you exceed the recommended dosage.

Curator and Gentleman

'Oooh Mr Black, your hanging must be enormous!'  
     My insatiable and prodigious creative appetite does see me acquiring allot of, well art. My recent acquisition of 19 century French prints is a delight. Let me share one with you. Now where will I hang them?

Petticoat Day

Well yesterday was Petticoat day at BlackLands and it signals the end of the first term for many of the  gurls and as Mr Black handed out the prize petticoats you could sense the lift and flutter of excitement in the acolytes as they realised they were well on their way now to that converted title 'Nymphet'

One Wank then?

Milking The Milkman

Dark Horse

I was accused of being a bit of a dark horse the other day - Is this a compliment?

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Well gurls it is official, black is the new pink. Slip a little black something into your Christmas stocking this year and wake up dreaming of a Black Christmas.

A thank you to all the gurls who provided their portraits for this dark series of moments. If you send me your links we will link them to your websites - Mr Black - X