Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Detention Diary for you

"Oh Mr Black how do I get a place at Blacklands?'
So many of you gurls want to go to the Blacklands Academy, but alas, all the next semesters are all fully allocated. 

But fear not my quivering little prospects, your appreciator, Mr Black does not want to disappoint. So to that end he is personally going to encourage you to participate in some of the rigour that produces the 'Elite Nymphets'. The Home Work program leads to the intermediary award of 'Prize Nymph' which does make you eligible for consideration for the Blacklands Academy.

Mr Black will be adding the prospectus for the Prize Nymph program shortly, which you will need to apply for, fill out and return before you receive your HomeWork projects. So do keep an eye out for it.

The Homework Program requires diligence and dedication, and above all obedience. It is a program of tasks and written work that will improve your gurly qualities both physically and emotionally. It will hone your elegance and style and above all, with your discipline it will mould you into the gurl that is deserving of the title Prize Nymph.

Failure to complete projects on time, or to the required high standards will incur disciplinary detention sessions and to that end Mr Black has produced a choice of Detention Diary covers for you to print out and keep.

Monday, 22 November 2010

School Report

Lots of you gurls have been putting allot of effort in this year and so Mr Black would like to make a few commendations for this past year and award merits and even a distinction to one lucky gurl.

So do keep up the good work and keep sending in your homework (photos), remember Mr Black is keeping an eye on you so always look your best when you when it is Mr Black you want to impress.