Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Confessions, confessions, confessions.

Mr Black Introduces Amie.J

Mr Black is pleased to introduce you to Amie.J a lovely gurl who enjoys her feminine side.
Do click on her name to link to her Flicker account and find out much more about her.

Tranny Magazine

An absolute must for all you gurls

Mr Hugo Black the early years

International Youth Placement Opportunity

Your benefactor Mr Black tries to be a generous and fair man and to that end was happy to receive a recent missive from the Thai Government with a view to helping some of their young people get sponsored in their chosen career paths. To that end I have received the following five cards asking which one of the lucky gurls would I like to sponsor.

Please advise, which one do you think?

The three passions of Mr Black

I am sure you are all aware that it is not just a penchant and passion for special gurls that gets my heart racing but also exceptional furniture and houses catch my eye. 

However if I can combine all three, then I am in heaven

Know your Knots

A little doodle for you to doodle over

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Mr Black's very own Karla Cox

 Mr Black could not believe his eyes when he discovered Karla living in the next village to him here in the UK.

Now look at her go.

A Hollywood starlet and still lovely. Good luck - Hugo - X

The World of Transvetism

This looks like a great film

This one has slipped silkily under my radar, has any one seen it?

Maid the Baileys

 Those bubble perms were so the rage, what happened to them? They did frame the face in such a delicate way.