Monday, 20 September 2010

The Sissy Game by Mr Black

How had it come to this, the humiliation burnt into him, scorching him more than the freshly spanked and smarting cheeks of his bottom. He pulled up his pretty white satin prom panties, let the crinolines fall back  around his smooth hairless seamed and sheer thighs and arranged the black taffeta A-line skirt over them as he had been taught. 
His aunt was so exotic, so smart, so witty, so aloof
His aunt picked up her chic ebony cigarette holder and slowly inserted another of her turkish blend, the room was full of her guests, the jet set society set of mid town New York and they were still laughing. She put the holder in her mouth and  the suited and slick suitor next to her flashed his Zippo. She drew long and hard on the cigarette, and then paused.
"That is how we deal with silly little country girls, we have our own way of branding cows here in New York city" and once again the room erupted into laughter.

'Country girl' it echoed in his ears. He had been a country boy four weeks ago just 17 and graduated from Ohio senior school when his parent thought it would be a good idea for him to spend the summer in New York with his aunt. Get in touch with a little culture, get in touch with some decorum, get in touch with a little polish or as his aunt said on the first day, get in touch with your feminine side.

That first day seemed such a heady whirl and so far away. His aunt was so exotic, so smart, so witty, so aloof, he was in awe as she strode through the Guggenheim, Bloomingdales, the Metropolitan and then there was the champagne, and then well nothing really until he woke that fateful next morning in a hazy state with his aunt standing over him, pointing and shouting furiously.
"What do you think you are doing" She whipped back the sheets of the bed to reveal his pert boyish body resplendent in disheveled  satin and sheer undergarments. 

  'So this is the uncouth way the country boy repays my generosity and hospitality. It may well be the way you inbred hayseeds behave back in your little mud puddle you call home, but it is not how we behave here. I think we will have to teach you exactly how to get in touch with your feminine side" The polaroid camera flashed again and again leaving him lying there even more dazed. 
    "Pick up your suitcase and those clothes you arrived in yesterday, quickly and follow me' Clutching his worldly possessions to his baby-dolled chest he struggled to keep pace with her as she strode through the penthouse apartment towards the front door. The sheer frilly panties seemed to tug and tease into him as his hazy nylon seamed feet slipped on the polished parquet floor. She flung the door to the penthouse open and sensing his hesitation faced with the public hallway between the apartments grabbed him by the ear and marched him to the far end and the rubbish chute. The reality of the echoing lament that his case made as it crashed and banged down the 37 floors of the trash chute took a few minutes to sink in then the horror of what he had just been forced to do hit home. He looked down at the sheer baby doll, panties, stockings and frilly garter belt and realized this was all he had to hide his shame in. Tearfully he looked up at his aunt
    '"But ... but"
    "Don't BUT me country girl!"  and she waved the ugly polaroids at him, laughed, turned and walked away.

Now four weeks later his tear stained cheeks flushed almost a red as the cheeks on his bottom as he stood there in his dolly maid finery there laughter ringing in his ears. But here was the contradiction, all this humiliation seemed to feed a hunger deep within him, a hunger that seemed to burn somewhere between his stinging ass cheeks, a hunger that was like a tight rose bud that was desperate to open and bloom.

Turning away towards the kitchen he sashed with a girly charm born from the hours locked in five inch patent mules, the days of severe deportment training, the weeks of girly clothes, the make up, the new hairstyling, the diet and the disgusting special energy drinks she made him drink?. Now four weeks later that girly charm was more than training, in shame his manhood seemed to have shriveled away to nothing more than a cocktail sausage, his chest constantly tingled and his nipples would suddenly swell up like little thimbles when ever he took off one of the many little bras he now owned and seemed to fill better and better as each day had passed. -  'Getting in touch with your feminine side'  his aunt would eerily reiterate daily.

He stood in the kitchen now the cool air from the air conditioning wafting up his flared skirt cooling the still tingling heat in his satin clad ass cheeks, he savored the moment, but not for long. That familiar click and flick of a Zippo lighting a cigarette and turning he was surprised to see the suited and slick suitor of his aunts had followed him into the kitchen. Over his shoulder and through the partially opened door for a moment he saw the cruel grinning face of his aunt.

"So country girl, how in touch with your feminine side are you?"
Suddenly he felt that tight little rose bud start to open.


  1. Oh Mr Black, what a lovely start to a potentially hot story, what a lucky young sissy to be afforded the luxury of such training, deportment and feminine garments the country bumpkin panty waist turned New York society sissy has been afforded. Oh to have had such opportunity when i was of such a tender and excited age. Love to read more, makes me shiver girlishly in my satin panties!

    1. Oh !! victoria daarling I so agree with U, at that tender age when our sissy hormones ar running wild and to be introduced to that lifestyle, realising and coming to terms with our gay and effeminate desires along with such gorgeous feminine wear, a combination that will drive any sissy boi into total submissiveness, my sexy panties would be in the same condition as urs victoria darling . kisses from ....sissy-bottom-julianne

  2. A delightful story and a fantasy for us sissies that are sometimes too weak to embrace our femininity on our own. I am like many others who need encouragement to get in touch with our femininity and to indulge in the sissy lifestyle more diligently.

  3. Oh Mr. Black I luv this so. Just taps perfectly into so much of what made me a sissy

  4. A sexy and naughty connection with a dominant Auntie. He will never return to his past life.

  5. Delightful story of a boi coming into her own. where may we find the rest?