Tuesday, 28 September 2010

'Ooooh' I hear you all cry

Many of you have need of conjuring a likeness of Mr Black in your mind, I am sure it is as you flutter your eyelashes and lower your delicate eyelids in a moment of revere and ecstasy and fantasise about yours truly. Well as you know Mr Black is modest and shy preferring to make you bois and gurls the star of the moment. 

'Ooooh' I hear you all cry in disappointment, then to that end so you are not substituting the likeness of Mr Cruise or Mr Brosnan (Who are not dissimilar to Mr Black) during your fantasising I have decided to gift you with a little something to fuel your imaginings.

A little doodle, a quick but observant scribble, a portrait that does capture the spirit and likeness of the distinguished gentleman himself.

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