Monday, 20 September 2010

Nymphet Training

Nymphet training - Elementary Stages
On arrival at Blacklands the young acolyte or apprentice sissy will undergo a course of grooming and body etiquette along side the main subjugation subjects of servitude and discipline. These last two subjects will be dealt with in later chapters, this missive is all about introduction and initial body etiquette.
Following their successful audition, sanctioning of references from sponsors, clearance of fees, signing of waivers and acceptance of all contractual obligations on there part, the apprentice sissy will arrive at Blacklands in Oxfordshire. The initiation process is straightforward. The nervous acolyte is  greeted at the door by their appointed house mistress and one of her Nymphet prefects (a final term student that they will fag for during this initial period). It is here in the great hall they  are expected to shed there old life before they swear allegiance, betrothal and unflinching dedication to their new one.
The Ceremony of Incineration
The young acolyte is expected to shed all vestiges of their former self, they are stripped naked and in their nervous and exposed state stand before the jeering school and watch as all their belongings that they came with are ceremonially burnt in the fireplace of the great Hall. The only respite that is afforded them in their discomfort and exposure is the symbol of betroval, the chocker of chastity and dedication to Mr Black. It is at this point they first cast their often tearful eyes on him as he locks the chocker in place. This will be the last time she sees Mr Black for a few terms as she is whisked away for training, deportment, body forming and physical manipulation (A process that is done as naturally as possible, but on occasion will resort to medical intervention), styling and behavior adjustment, 
Body etiquette.
"Nakedness is almost next to Hugoness" they say.
I have no idea what it means but it usually implies the regime of scrubbing and cleaning expected of the apprentice sissy to achieve a clean canvass before they prepare themselves in the appropriate attire for the task of that day. Most acolytes have passed the basic hygiene  standards when they auditioned and passed there medicals, but not all are ready for the cleaning regime that stringently attest to body and soul. The body being the outer self that is showered and the soul being the inner self that is cleansed with douches and enemas twice a day.

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  1. A very necessary introduction for any sissy aspirant. Shirley xxx