Wednesday, 10 July 2019


Most sissy likes to be taken beyond their comfort zone ... to get a bit down and dirty, explore the rough side, push the naughty boundaries, redefine being bad, explore their inner slut!

Are you one?
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Monday, 1 July 2019


"Dear Mr Black after coming across your blog and reading it I am finding myself uncontrollably drawn to the idea of a getting myself a pink frilly dress! I consider myself a regular heterosexual man for all of my life but suddenly I am plagued by these thoughts that seem to come from no where....I have no idea why? Is your blog contagious, do you think it should come with a health warning? Should I seek help or just submit to this feverish desire. Please advise, yours sincerely Peter."

Peter in an effort to either 'kill or cure' I suggest you study the entry below, examine each image thoroughly, in particular the design of each dress, how it is being worn and wether you think the narrative portrayed is a direct result of each protagonist wearing the dress. This should help you focus on what you should do next. Something tells me we will be seeing you on the pink side soon.